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Trusted since 2002, Nopec Natural Gums Factory is a 100% owned subsidiary of Nopec Development Company and is mainly engaged in the productions, operations, marketing, and sales of Sudanese agricultural products such as Hashab handpicked( Acacia Senegal), Hashab cleaned, Hashab kibbled, Talha cleaned gum(Acacia seyal), sesame seed, peanut, peanut oil, and hibiscus. Since its establishment, Nopec has been pursuing the business philosophy of people-oriented, technological innovation, and has observed a group of technical personnel to strengthen its R&D, and management personal related to plant gum products to ensure the stable and rapid development of Nopec.

Nopec is an active member of the Sudanese Gum Exporters & Processors Association and enjoys a reputation as a leading Gum exporter in the region. We feel immense pleasure to state that our products acquire the utmost standing and reputation in countries where we are exporting. We work hard to attain quality products at affordable prices for our customers through our entire value chain, practicing fair trade mechanisms within the local communities and producing large volumes.

Over the years, we have learned the importance of superior customer services and the best value. We define value as more than just price; this is reflected in our high level of customer services and staff expertise. We have built a long-standing relationship with our production partners, each one rooted in trust and a commitment to excellence. 


Nopec Natural Gums Factory has been well established using the latest technology from Italy. We have a factory plant of 9,000 square meters, located in the Soba industrial area, about 10 miles south of Khartoum (Sudan). The plant is operated by well-trained staff that has been trained in France and the U.K. We are planning to install a new plant to produce gum Instant Powder to add value for our products and to meet the international market requirements. We have strong penetration and have our agencies in the main centres of the gum production areas. These agencies are operated by qualified agents who have excellent experience in dealing with the producers and the local traders.

To secure our clients sustainably under any circumstances, we have established a well-organized warehouse with a total area of 11,000 square meters and we plan to increase the storage area to 20,000 square meters to meet our increased capacity.

As Nopec moves onwards, we leverage our history to define our future. Every achievement and breakthrough we have made justify our optimism, calling us to build upon our past, and as we have learned through years of experience, we steadfastly pursue future endeavors with the same optimism that brought us here.


To provide the best quality agricultural products to the global community and receive recognition as a leading exporter.  Customer satisfaction in all aspects is not only our top priority but also our basic aim to fulfill.


Our real passion is delivering satisfaction and provide hassle-free and cost-effective products to clients worldwide with superior quality to create value in their business.

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