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At Nopec, we have a Quality Control Department, which is responsible to grantee the quality
of products from the tree to the customer in compliance with international standards.   

The department is responsible to test the raw material when it arrives to our warehouse to ensure it confirms with international standards and monitors all stages of cleaning, sorting, grading and processing.

In Nopec we have implemented a full traceability system and good hygiene system. 

We established a laboratory with the latest model of instruments for testing Gum Arabic for both raw material and finished products, managed by well trained technicians with years of experience,
they provide Certificate of Analysis for every batch produced in Nopec, the certificates presents results for the below tests:  

1-    Optical rotation
2-    Moisture content
3-    Color
4-    Viscosity      
5-    Acid insoluble matter
6-    Total ash 
7-    PH

Nopec has a number of Staff Agents in the productions states, to purchase gums on behalf of the company and to represent the company in all matters.

Nopec’s Production States: