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Specifications for Hashab Kibbled (KB)

Product: Acacia Senegal Kibbled, 2-6 mm mesh size.
Composition: Natural, Organic, Polysaccharide, which on hydrolysis yield arabinogalactan, rhamnose, glucuronic acid, galactose, a minor protein Component and 4-0- methoxy glucuronic acid.
INS number: E414
C.A.S. number: 9000-01-5         
Solubility: it is high soluble in water, give up to 50% solution and insoluble in ethanol.
Hydrolysis products: passes test
Moisture content: Not more than 15%.
Acid Insoluble matters: Not more than 1%
Total ash: Not more than 4%.
Specific optical rotation: [∞] D 25C (-22) to (-34)
Viscosity: 70 – 150 mpsc.
PH: 4.2 to 4.9
Tannin test: passes test
Starch and dextrin: Passes Test
Salmonella spp.: Negative per test
E.coli : Negative in 1g