Our Products

Nopec deals mainly with the natural gums, in particular, Gum Hashab and Gum Talha, i.e, Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal, which are locally and internationally known and demanded.
The Company has a Kibbling plant with a minimum production capacity of five tons, per shift. Nopec exports kibbled gum in different sizes according to buyers requests, and its conform to the international and the Sudanese standards & Metrology Organization specifications.

Our Products are:      

1-    Hashab Hand Picked Selected (HPS)
2-    Hashab Cleaned
3-    Hashab Kibbled           
4-    Hashab Kibbled Dust
5-    Hashab Sifting
6-    Hashab Dust
7-    Talha Cleaned Gum
8-    Talha Dust