• South Eshragah Garden Khartoum 2 Box 8302
  • +249183566275

Nopec’s headquarters is South of Eshragah ElTigani Garden, Khartoum 2, Sudan. In the Headquarters we have all our Management offices, and where all administrative work is done. 

 The processing of Gum, the Factory, lies in Soba, an industrial area, not so far away from town, and is about 35 minutes drive from Nopec’s headquarters.

More than 350 jobs are offered for women in the Gum processing factory. These jobs help assist, raise the standard of living and families settlements.
A number of technical staffs, and labors are given jobs, in addition to facilities to support them.
Nopec participated in solving the problem of water shortage, in some production areas, which also, provided water, not only to the area, but also to all areas surrounding it.

Nopec Exports to a number of international importers worldwide, in France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and some Asian Countries, Japan in particular.

It is our priority to take great care, of having sustainable supply of Gum commodity to all customers worldwide.

Nopec guarantees you, celerity and exclusivity in Service, personalized according to the customer's needs. Also, the best of Quality.

Nopec has been established in the year 2002.
Nopec Natural Gums Factory is 100% owned subsidiary of Nopec Development Company which is dedicated to the purchase, productions and export of Sudanese natural gum, Gum Hashab, and Gum Talha, to all countries world-wide.
In addition to the gums, the company has also other activities, in exporting Sudan produce-sesame and groundnuts for example.
The company is working in raw and processed gums; Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal, for export worldwide.
Nopec is a member of the Sudanese Gum Exporters & Processors association, and is considered to be one of the top Gum exporters in The Sudan.
We put the name of, the Sudanese Gum Arabic Board (GAB), as a reference for any information or enquiry required.